Sunday, August 13, 2006

HAIRCUT (First Real)

So, it was time someone (besides an unskilled mommy with scissors from Target) got hold of MileyMiles's hair. It's not like he has much, but what he does have seems to congregate in the back, at the neckline. I had visions of his hair eventually curling (where on Earth did I get the idea that any child of ours could have so much as a bend in his hair, much less curls?!?!) Anywho, much to no one's surprise, Miles's hair did nothing but grow long and straight and begin to take on a Ben Franklin sort of effect in the back. Ben Franklin on a 13-mo. old = not good, so off to the barber we went! The woman who cut Miles's hair was very kind and a lot of fun. He was a tad more apprehensive than I thought he might be but she was fast and he was amenable. Alas, another Milestone has come to pass. You are a big, big boy Miles, and we love you!

Me no likee this so much....

Tell me when it's over.


Ta-da! Just LOOK at those clean lines over the ears!

Our sweet boy.