Sunday, July 30, 2006


It may be 100+ degrees outside but that doesn't mean our boy Miles isn't a blanket baby.


Eyes closed. Like mother, like son.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


And by Pooh, I actually mean poo. Oh, yes my friends, last Sunday brought with it the infamous toddler rite of passage commonly known (it is common, right?) as the Removal of the Diaper. And removing just a wet diaper would be boring, right, so it has to be a poopy diaper or in our case, a pre-poopy-saving-it-for-the-crib kind of affair, with a good half hour for exploring just exactly what this stuff is and what its uses might be. Fun! I suppose that's what parents get for putting curious, tee-only-wearing babies to bed, huh? Certainly a lesson no parent has ever had to learn twice and nothing a little (okay, a lot) of soap, water, and bleach couldn't fix. All's well that ends well and Miles, Mom, and Dad are no worse for the wear. You can thank me now for not posting pics of this glorious event. Miles can thank me later : )

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Miles has been a busy, busy kid these days. Here he is down on the farm.
Okay, so the 'farm' is a Jo. Co. public park but it was a great place to visit.

Miles was fascinated with the farm equipment: the animals, not so much, as you can see in the above pic where he found the fence far more interesting than the small goat standing by....

Toddler chair.

Enjoying a cookie on the couch.

Hint of JoAnn in this one I think.

Where, oh WHERE did our baby go??!?! He looks 4 years old here!

And last but not least,

Miles's Love/Hate Relationship with the Activity Walker.

You've never seen a kid so excited to play with anything as Miles is to get his hands on this thing. The catch is, in the apartment, he could only push it a few feet without running into something, producing cries of despair the likes of which we'd never heard before! It caused such controversy, we had to put it away, out of sight! Long story longer, we had the great idea of taking Miles to the tennis courts to let him go hog wild with the darned thing, and go hog wild he did!

Pure joy.

Sweet boy.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm goin' in, literally!

Say Mack, whaddya lookin' at?!

Thoughtful. I love that Miles's profile still looks like it did in his ultrasound pictures : )

Aunt Kristin (note use of the shy finger).

Yummy monkey from Aunt Brooke and Uncle CJ.

Getting down to business.

Birthday Present Carnage '06.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Birthday Pics cont.......

Proud parents.

Aunt Jenny and Aunt Carrie w/proud mom. I know what you're thinking...where the heck is Miles? Miles was napping pre-party, and everyone knows the sleeping baby rule : )

Doesn't get much cuter than these shirts the great aunties had made, nosiree!

Help from G. Aunt Jenny.

Miles being coy with Aunt Karen.

Quality time with Anders.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

MILES THROWS A PARTY! and lots of people come

Happy Birthday Baby/Toddler Miles! Wow, what a great birthday party you had, with family from far and wide and more gifts than we know what to do with! We'd like to thank Aunts Karen and Cathy for co-hosting the party and everyone for helping us celebrate Miles's first year on the 'outside'! Unfortunately, technical issues with Blogger have limited the number of pics I have been able to load in this post so I will hope to continue them in subsequent posts; there are lots of goodies!
Thursday was Miles's actual birthday so we took cupcakes to 'school' and of course, he wore his orange (go 'Pokes!) monkey shirt again (thanks Karen and Cathy!). Friday was not quite so fun as Miles had his 1 year check up - he's doing great, but he went in a little baby and came out a baby pin cushion--ouch! 5 sticks!! 2 in the arm to take blood (I had no idea they took it this way from babies), the first of which was a miss (you have to be kidding me), then another to actually draw the blood during which Miles moved of course because he is, after all, a BABY, so a big toe stick followed to collect the remaining blood needed to do an allergy screen and the required blood lead check, all topped off with a healthy dash of two immunizations in his left thigh! Can I just say, lordy?! Miles was a TROOPER, after the most pitiful crying you have ever heard, and I do mean me of course, and with nurses close to tears, blood was drawn, shots were given, and we were sent home with 5 colored bandages as testament to his valor. Whew! Thank gawd that's over for a few months......and now, party pics!
Merritt's did an excellent job recreating Miles's
birthday invitation on his cake!

Miles with Cousin Andrew (note monkeys on shirts). Miles was fascinated with Anders. Seems babies know a kid is a kid is a kid, even when he's 6ft. tall!

Miles was pretty introspective about the whole cake-eating thing, with only one glob of frosting flung to the floor.

Five-fingered cake eating.

Ack! King Kong!

Oh wait, it's just Daddy : )

In the awesome splash pool from Karen and Cathy.

Perfect end to a perfect day.