Monday, April 24, 2006


Because this 'blogger' is eager to practice her newly found blogging skills, thought we'd post some pics from last weekend. Miles has always enjoyed his bath, from the day we brought him home, so we're guessing bath time will get more and more interesting as our little monkey gets bigger. We tried bathing sans bath seat but Miles did a lovely slip-n-slide routine that ended with a nice bonk on the head so we're back to the bath seat for now.

Happy Bather.

Nemo? In my tub?

Hello Daddy.

No one mentioned how tasty Nemo might be....

Then, Auntie Meg came to see us!

Someone new to JUMP, JUMP, JUMP with!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Miles Goes Live - Finally

Oh nooooo! Here I am, being kissed for the thousandth time today! It's almost more than a kid can take! -- Miles, April 2006

But take it he does, and so well : )

We finally have this thing up and running; no small feat for this technological wonder. What's more is that I fully intend to update it regularly with new and exiting Miles photos and information! To start us off, I'd like to report that Miles is the cutest, sweetest, funniest little thing you've ever seen (next to your own children/grandchildren, of course) and is like opening the world's best Christmas present every single day. We are his minions and are most thrilled to oblige. I won't waste too much space with chit-chat because we all know why you came here...for the pictures, silly! We hope all is well with family and friends. On to the good stuff....

Oh, hi Jeff Dale mini-me.

Relaxing on a sunny day.

At the park.

Strapped and ready to roll.

Easter Sundee, 2006.

Happy to be outside.

We're looking for those top teeth to come in any day now [please?].


So THIS is what they've been hiding from me...BUTTONS, lots of buttons...did I mention buttons?

I think the coast is clear, except for that gal with the camera, the same one that kisses me non-stop. Yeah, you know the one.