Thursday, February 22, 2007


For music-loving parents, there are few things quite as thrilling as the notion or possibility that your child might have a propensity for a particular musical instrument. So, 'twas quite exciting tonight, when I pulled out the toys my friend Toni so thoughtfully passed on to us, and this Wiggles guitar caught Miles's eye. I showed him how to hold it one time and that was pretty much that. He ran from me, with the guitar, when I said we were nearing bath time. Oh, how I wish cousins Chris and Andrew were closer to provide inspiration - and for LOTS of other reasons of course, namely, we love you and miss you!! Anyhoo, was great fun to see Miles hold a guitar with such conviction, a Wiggles guitar granted, but a guitar all the same : ) P.S. to Chris: if you were to some day teach Miles 'Voodoo Child,' well, I'm certain I would literally implode with joy. Hope everyone is swell.

Feelin' it.

Just you wait....


We all have them, right? Well, MonkeyMiles seems to have a special knack for, uh, er...interesting hair upon waking; mostly because he goes to sleep post-bath, so it's not like he has bad taste or anything. I just thought it might be fun to capture some of the formations his hair takes upon rising in the mornings. Craig and I always get a kick out of it, and I thought you might too. I think this first pic speaks for itself - I'm pretty sure this was also a Monday.


If our free camera from Dell weren't so gawd-awful basic, there would be more light in the background to sort of highlight the shelf of hair sticking out to your left. Anyway, you get my drift. It will be interesting to see if Miles has inherited his mom's stick-straight, kitten hair; his dad's ever-so-slightly-bent hair, or Nana and Grandma JoAnn's luscious, thick heads of hair! We're keeping our fingers crossed for you, Miles : ) We love you, Monkey!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It's astonishing to me how quickly our little monkey is changing into someone not so little any more. I'm not sure what I thought 19 mos. looked like but I am pretty sure it's not this! To me, Miles looks at least 2, and the fact that he's already half the length of me, hardly makes sense! Come back baby, come back! Aside from growing too quickly for his parents, Miles is doing just swell. He is one Chatty Cathy I might add. He talked to me for a good five minutes last night about the predicament created by the torn cover on his Goodnight Moon board book. I seem to recall in an earlier phase, when intact books had virtually little meaning, Miles got hold of a slightly torn corner and let 'er rip, thereby taking half the back cover with the corner. Certainly didn't seem to be a problem then, but last night he chattered (I didn't understand a word mind you, but nonetheless) with great interest and concern about the fate of his book. I tried to reassure him that the cover didn't much affect the story, but he didn't seem convinced. Speaking of chatty, Miles has had some, renditions, if you will, of words you might recognize. For instance:

Word as you know it: Oops!
Word according to Miles: Oats!

Word as you know it: Momma
Word according to Miles: Dada

Words as you know them: I got ya! (Laurie Berkner DVD)
Words according to Miles: I gahya! (pretty good, huh?)

Words as you know them: Oh, man!
Words according to Miles: Oh, maaaah!

He's definitely getting there : ) Yesterday, he sat down on the stairs next to me, turned up his left palm and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "here we are, just two kids, sittin' on the stairs." Pretty darned cute.

Thank you Grandpa Charles for the EJ shirt - we wear it quite a lot.

Will you excuse me while I take this call?

Have your people call my people, then we'll talk.

Are You Ticklish?


Monday, February 05, 2007


Not a lot of news here; it's freakin' COLD, we're pretty much stuck indoors on the weekends, and are slowly but surely putting the house together. Miles is getting to be quite the talker, stringing words together and able to repeat most anything we say to him. I'm not certain I even realized that I utter "ah, man" under my breath multiple times during the day until Miles repeated it back to me. Now of course, we strive every day to get at least one "Ah, maaah" out of him : ) He also took it upon himself to start carrying his own wet diapers to the kitchen trash for us, making sure any and all doors along the way are securely closed.

Miles discovered one of my hats and was fascinated with it for a few days, pulling it completely over his face at one point and somehow navigating his way through the house into the kitchen to show me - quite pleased with himself, he was.

Miles LOVES his Anywhere Chair - thank you Jeff, Carolyn, Chris, Kevin, and Anders!

The Unknown Toddler.

You know you've been indoors way too much when sweeping is fun.

I like to think he's just a tidy boy, like his mum.
More pics to follow soon!