Friday, May 11, 2007

CATCHING UP Easter 2007

I know, I know, a bit anticlimactic at this point, but hey, at least it's still 2007! We did our first egg hunt this year on a chilly Easter morn. I went with the large, plastic ones this time because 1) they'd be easier to spot, and 2) they wouldn't smell if 'hidden' by a certain 22-mo. old that hangs out here. We assisted Miles a tad with the first egg, but boy, did he catch on quickly! Each one contained a familiar Nickelodeon figurine which have proved to be excellent bath toys, post-egg day. Cheers!

Mommy and Miles (and Miles's dapper new red jacket : ] )

What on earth could it be??

Ah, cool!

Blue and SpongeBob; 2-gether, 4-ever.

Explaining the intricacies of putting Blue back in the egg (apparently?).

Dadd-eeee and Miles.

Fascinated with these orbs, I tell ya.

I see, I see, and a real baseball is how big again?

Atop the stump.

Wrapping things up.

CATCHING UP Part Deux (and CHD Vol. III)

Little shoes v. not-so-little shoes.

Who says you can't wear stripes with a swimsuit and argyle socks?

Another look in case you missed it.

How many days until I get a haircut?!

My mop and I bid you adieu!

P.S. I'm certain that you'll be most relieved to know that Miles has since had his hair nicely coiffed at the Fairway barber shop - thank you for your concern.