Sunday, November 05, 2006

CHILLIN' and Things to Do When You're Illin'

Just some images from the weekend. We're indoors a little more than usual, with coughing and runny noses still the sickness d'jour (Craig is afflicted too). This has required some creativity on Miles's part - as you can see.

Not so interested in sitting/riding on the LP school bus. Standing, now that's a WHOLE different story....

Monkey Hair Redux

Once he mastered it, Miles carefully climbed and stood atop the LP school bus, cheering himself, at least a dozen times. (Awesome for parents like me who are usually frantically searching for the digital camera while 'the moment' comes... and goes).

Happy Pre-Holiday-Downtime Weekend to all!

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Most Unhappy Vampire

Sure as the world, just when you 'count' (I know, really, really bad) on getting to wear your cool new vampire costume for your 2nd Halloween, you get hit with an ear infection and a half, molars poking through, and a truly unforgiving cough. Yep, Miles had a rough week, so trick-or-treating took a backseat this year. We couldn't resist a photo opp however, though it was clearly more important to Mom and Dad than Baby Miles. He does seem to be on the mend, and with any luck, his cutie pop costume will still fit next year : )
So not into this.
The costume-wearing period lasted all of about 4 minutes, so we're actually lucky we got any record of it at all. Poor kid.

Pre-ear infection pumpkin patch trip!

Okay, two pieces of advice regarding pumpkin patches (as I'm certain 99% of you have already discovered): one, don't wait until the weekend before Hween to visit one, there are no pumpkins; and two, DO NOT go on a weekend after it's rained the entire week before -- there are no pumpkins, but there will be a mean mud pit for your personal enjoyment.

You call this a pumpkin patch?