Sunday, December 31, 2006


*Appropriate head gear is critical this time of year, no?
Wow, certainly was fantastic to celebrate the holiday this year with family, without also celebrating the invasion of our bodies by various and sundry illnesses. Hurrah! We were all relatively healthy and made it to Oklahoma! Miles thoroughly enjoyed himself with Grandpa Charles, Aunts Karen and Cathy, Uncle Jeff and Cousin Andrew in from Great Britain, and Aunt Brooke and Uncle CJ. Miles also took his first plane ride back to KC and did great! It was a short flight - 55 minutes - the perfect 'starter flight'. What a sweet, sweet boy we have and like Craig and I say, we can never win 'the jackpot' because we already did with our sweet monkey, monkey boy.
Miles and Dad Christmas Eve.

'Fridge alphabet.
Too bad we didn't make it home with 'Q' you suppose Miles will never learn to spell quit, or quiet, or quell, or que, or...okay, that's all I can think of right now. Maybe 'Q' won't be that important after all.

Crocodile pie-anny (Craig's word, not mine).
How is it that my unpedicured foot manages to make it into at least one picture per batch?! Sweet boy.


A REAL pie-anny! (Craig's word, not mine).

1st tricycle!

A hearty guffaw with Uncle Jeff & Cousin Andrew.

Winding down with Aunt Karen.



Happy 2007 Everyone.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


These first few photos were taken several weeks ago when we were sure Miles was coming down with yet another ear infection -- fever, listless, sat on the couch all morning before we could see the doctor -- but lo' and behold his ears were clear and he was fighting some other nameless, faceless crud. Anywho, he was so sweet and snuggly (the only upside of illness) that I had to snap a few pics.

Not feelin' so swell.

But almost always able to come up with a smile.

Shoes and socks for Santa!

Shook has a Christmas party for the kiddos every year and this was our first time to participate.
Crafts with Mom.

Miles was a little hesitant at first, and just when it looked like he might cry, Santa offered a book and all was well. We got the feeling Miles could have hung out a bit longer but these photo opps don't really lend themselves to true Santa/child bonding...oy vey.
Hey, this very red man isn't so bad after all!