Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This wading pool didn't seem quite as small in the store, but now that it's home, it's miniature! I am certain Barbie has a bigger pool! Oh well, Miles doesn't seem too interested in actually sitting in it. It's all about water running from the hose; the pool is merely a recepticle so that our lawn is left somewhat less swamp-like than it might otherwise be.
Happy Summer!


One of Miles's newest things is to sit back on the couch while Daddy stacks as many pillows as Miles can stand all around him, on top of him, etc...until he can no longer take it and has to "break through" letting loose the highest pitched squeal you have ever heard! It's quite a sight and one that is repeated no less than a dozen times in rapid succession. Several closed-eye shots (ah, just like his mother), but they were too cute not to include : ]


Q-T Pie!

Wow! Little Craig here for sure!

Happy boy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I thought it would be neat to have Miles create an original painting for his pops for Father's Day. So that's what we did, of course! I'm not sure, however, that Miles knew quite what to do given free reign with paint brushes and paint after months and months of "please don't color on the walls/couch/coffee table/your clothes/the cat/mommy's face, etc...." He seemed a little unsure at first, understandably so, but I think we wound up with a lovely first painting! What a sweet boy we have : ]
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

The back porch light is on! Oh my, we're wasting valuable resources!

Early in the process.

Excellent! I'm being encouraged to distribute this paint!


I'm actually quite tidy and am interested to know when exactly
I get to wash this paint off my body....

The finished product!

Friday, June 15, 2007


That's how Miles might say it. He generally refers to us individually but he's also coined a special term, sort of a catch-all, likely for summoning the assistance of the parent closest in proximity, and that is Mommydaddy. I look forward to Mommydaddybutcher (a/k/a Buster, the cat).

Anywho, Miles doesn't spend a lot of time upstairs due to, uh, the stairs and all, so when he does, he seems to take special delight in climbing on our bed and just chilling like a big kid, with a Cobra pose or two thrown in for good measure.

Only Miles could be cute with a comb-over.


What the hay?!! Oh, Butcher....

Cat and boy bond.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Is there anything more sublime than a sleeping baby? It's hard to think so, especially when it's our little monkey, who we love more than life itself and who makes every day, every hour more meaningful than the last. We love you, Miles Bryant ~ M&D.
Sleep tight.