Thursday, June 22, 2006


Graduation Day 2006
Because I have been remiss in updating as frequently as promised, this posting is a whole lotta everything! Miles is doing great; a full-fledged walker at about 11 mos. and jibber-jabbering with the best of them. Dadadadadada has become the favored term for most everything but mixed in are lots of new sounds, combinations of sounds, and much more inflection than we've previously heard! We know that one of these days, words we're familiar with will accompany those fervent pronouncements and we'll know exactly what our little monkey has been saying all along...until then, he must be patient with us : )

'Twas very warm. Aaah shade, blessed shade.

Memorial Day at the park.

Miles sporting a part.

Happy Miles.

Monkey hair.

Father's Day 2006.

Miles's first skinned knee : (

HE didn't even seem to notice but of course WE had to take a picture.

Please stay tuned for birthday pics early next month!! Holy cow!